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SITSS00069 Food Safety Supervision Skill Set

This Skill Set is commonly referred to as the Food Safety Supervisor (Level 1 & 2 combined) course in the hospitality, transport and distribution sectors in particular. This Skill Set is recognised in all states and territories (except NSW*), is valid for all industry sectors, and meets all legal requirements for Food Safety Supervisor training throughout Australia. *This course is not currently suitable for those working in NSW as you require the NSW Food Authority Certificate. It covers the basics such as personal health and hygiene requirements, critical temperatures and time limits to keep food safe, cleaning and sanitising procedures and safe food handling techniques from receipt of goods through to food service.
It also covers the correct methods for controlling food hazards at the following key critical control points – receipt, storage, preparation, processing, display, servery, packaging, transport, and disposal of food. Students will also learn how to monitor and record food hazards, understand organisational food safety programs, procedures and documents, monitor food safety techniques as well as minimise the risks of food contamination.
Learning content is provided in an online format with the course. The assessment component consists of multiple-choice questions and written questions.
Please note that all case studies and scenarios within this course are fictional. As a wide variety of job descriptions and workplace environments exist, case studies may not always cover all types of possible scenarios encountered within your job role or scope of work.
The completion of a Third Party Observation Report is required. You will need to download and print a copy of the Third Party Observation Report to be given to your workplace supervisor/manager/team leader to complete. The report must be conducted in a real workplace after completing the online component of the course. You will be required to demonstrate your skills in a real workplace and submit the report to receive final competency. All sections of this report must be complete in full to be valid and considered as part of your assessment.

Instructions For This Course

For our online courses, we recommend that you use Google Chrome as your browser, as other browsers such as Internet Explorer, may not display the multimedia content of the course.
Please allow a minimum of 3 business days where all course requirement s have been successfully met for a statement of attainment to be issued.
A certificate will not be issued until all online work has been completed and an Assessor has conducted the final checks.

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